General Questions

How do I increase my chances of getting quality articles written?

When you create your project and review bids, you should go for bids from writers with high ratings. You should never have to pay for an article you're not happy with. If you don't like, you have the option to click "reject" and place it back to available orders for writers to bid on.

What's the advantage of submitting a project to a specific writer?

Once you find your favorite writer(s) on VationSEO, you can submit new projects specifically to them. Sending a project as a special request helps expedite the ordering process.

General Questions

Is there a limit on how many articles I can write?

No, there is no limit. You can write as much or as little as you want. The more you write, the more money you'll be making!

How do writers get paid?

Writers get paid via Paypal payments. Writers must earn a minimum of $10 each week in order to be make a withdrawal request.